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President Wang Qi surveyed and promoted the construction of “one-stop” student community

In order to continuously deepen the reform of student community education and training mode, management and service system, collaborative education system and support and safeguard mechanism of our university, and steadily promote the construction of “one-stop” student community, President Wang Qi went into the student apartment, visited and surveyed the basic construction of student community, and held a special meeting for discussion and arrangement.

During the visit, Wang Qi made a detailed investigation on the number of counselors’ office areas such as counseling rooms and chat rooms, the equipment of student activity areas such as Party and League activity rooms and student self-study rooms, as well as the use of public service facilities such as self-service hot drinks machines and printers. In the process of communicating with counselors who were living on campus and students, he understood in detail the learning effect of online courses and the difficulties and demands in life of students during the closed campus management period, and extensively solicited reasonable suggestions from the counselors on the “one-stop” community construction work of the university.

Combined with the research situation, President Wang Qi, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the university Zhang Qijian, and the heads of relevant departments discussed the work of the construction of the “one-stop” student community, and put forward specific requirements in the aspects of system construction, planning and design, outstanding characteristics, capital guarantee, to ensure that the “one-stop” student community construction progressed steadily.

“One-stop” student community was a new learning-oriented, service-oriented and growth-oriented community with student accommodation community as the main body. It was an important measure for the university to implement the fundamental task of moral education. At present, our university declared national independent pilot unit, and would further promote the six aspects work of guide of the Party construction, management synergy, team into the Party construction, comprehensive service, cultural influence, self-governance”, practice “rules of one line”, make the students feel the leading power, ideological power, management power and service power, The student community would be built as the forefront of student Party construction, the practice garden of “three aspects of education” and the model highland of the safe campus.



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