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CSC Scholarship

Our university is one of the authorized universities to offer Chinese Government Scholarship to take in and encourage gifted students. The government scholarship includes:

  CSC Chinese Government Scholarship for postgraduates

  Chinese Government Outstanding International Student Scholarship for undergraduates

CSC Scholarship application procedures 

  Go to or, and find application online to register;

  After successful registration, log in to start the application. Select B for the application type, and the code of our university is 10154;

  Upload your personal information. Make sure it is correct and the same as that on your passport.

Qualification of Applicants

  Love China and Chinese culture;

  Physically and mentally healthy (health examination record needed);

  Under 30 years old;

  Hold a bachelor’s degree, GPA>3.0;

  If studying for an engineering degree, results of mathematics, physics and chemistry must be over 70% of total marks;

  Have strong scientific research abilities.

Note: Documents in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with translations in Chinese or English.


Ms. Malina Hao       Tel: 86-416-4199311         Email:

University Scholarship

In order to encourage our international students to study hard, abide by disciplines and be positive, and become professionals that are friendly to China, have expertise and are welcomed by employers from all over the world, our university provides Excellent International Student Scholarship.

  5% of the total tuition fee of international students is used to reward the self-funded undergraduates who study hard and have excellent results every academic year.

  a. First Prize: 2,000 CNY, awarded to 5% of the total number of students;

     b. Second Prize: 1,000 CNY, awarded to 10% of the total number of students;

     c. Third Prize: 500 CNY, awarded to 30% of the total number of students.

  All kinds of scholarships are issued with certificates at the same time.


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