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Liaoning University of Technology held the graduation ceremony and degree awarding ceremony for the graduate students of Period 2022

Liaoning University of Technology held the graduation ceremony and degree awarding ceremony for the graduate students of Period 2022 on the morning of May 2. President Wang Qi, Deputy Secretary of the University Party Committee Zhang Qijian, Vice President Liu Yanjun, members of the Academic Degree Assessment Committee of the university, teachers of the Graduate School and representatives of tutors of all training units, and representatives of graduate students attended the ceremony. The ceremony was held in the main venue and the branch venue of each training unit online. Vice President Liu Yanjun presided over the ceremony.

Before the ceremony, a documentary film was played for the graduate students. In the video, teachers smiled and said goodbye to graduate students. The ups and downs of their past graduate life became a memorable memory at this moment. The students focused on the familiar campus of Liaoning University of Technology once again, and they were about to embark on a new journey with gratitude.

The ceremony began with the national anthem. Zhao Wei, Dean of the Graduate School, read the “2022 Master’s Degree Award Decision of Degree Assessment Committee of Liaoning University of Technology” and “Selection Results of 2022 Excellent Master’s Dissertation of Liaoning University of Technology”. Liu Gang, Vice Dean of the Graduate School and Vice Director of the Graduate Work Department of the Party Committee, read “the Decision to Commend the Outstanding Graduate Cadres and Outstanding Graduate Students of Liaoning University of Technology in 2022”.

Wang Qi presented the awards to the tutor representative and student representative of the 2022 Excellent Master’s Dissertation of Liaoning University of Technology, and Zhang Qijian presented the awards to the Outstanding Graduate Student Cadre and Outstanding Graduate Student representative of Period 2022 of Liaoning University of Technology.

Yuan Jingyi from the School of Marxism made a speech on behalf of the graduate students of Period 2022. Yuan shared the campus life with the audience, Yuan said that the teachers guided the students carefully, students’ innovation could not be separated from the teachers help. Yuan expressed the appreciation to the university, teachers, classmates and the determination to keep on moving with courage.

Cui Tianyang from the School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation made a speech on behalf of the graduate students of Class 2020. He expressed his best wishes to the senior students who were going to leave the university. He said that he would take them as examples, hold the baton tightly, be determined to learn and explore, and continue to write a magnificent chapter in Liaoning University of Technology.

Professor Li Yongming, Dean of the School of Science, made a speech on behalf of the graduate tutors. He expressed his best wishes and expectations to the graduates. He encouraged the graduates to keep an enterprising heart forever, keep the thirst for knowledge and spiritual pursuit, He encouraged the graduates to engage in practice to obtain real knowledge, learn to be positive and optimistic in work and life, turn a question mark into an exclamation mark, and finally draw a satisfactory full stop in their life journey.

President Wang Qi made a speech. He expressed his best wishes to all the graduates of Period 2022, praised the students for their duties, missions and responsibilities during the epidemic, and spoke to all the graduates in three aspects. First of all, students should work hard and be loyalty. Students should carry forward the great spirit of Party founding, epidemic fighting and poverty alleviation. Students should not indulge in idle dreams or voices, but be down-to-earth and practical, sharpen the tools and comprehend the truth. Students should integrate their love for the motherland into the career, work and pursuit, and forge a sense of loyalty and responsibility through hard work and dedication. Second, students should keep learning and live up to the times. Students should keep learning consistently, keep pace with the times, listen to the voice of people with ears, feel the pulse of the times with hearts, and strive to grow into a new generation worthy of the task of national rejuvenation. Third, students should work hard and innovate bravely. Students should measure the motherland with feet and discover the spirit of China with eyes, constantly promote innovation in knowledge, theories and methods, and work hard bravely to achieve the historic mission of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Then, Wang Qi conferred degrees to the graduate representatives, and members of the Academic Degree Assessment Committee of the university conferred diplomas and degree certificates to the graduate representatives.

After the epidemic faded, we could meet at Liaoning University of Technology again. The ceremony ended with the song “Dont Say Goodbye”.


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