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Our university held a employment promotion meeting for the graduates of Period 2022

In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of teleconference for Period 2022 college graduates’ employment of Liaoning Province and comprehensively do a good job in the employment of graduates in our university, on the afternoon of April 29, our university held a employment promotion meeting for the graduates of Period 2022. President Wang Qi, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the university Zhang Qijian, heads of related functional departments and leaders of each college attended the meeting. Our university also invited Pan Lizhi, Chief of Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Yuhuan City; Ke Lili, Director of Talent Service Center of Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Yuyao City; Dong Li, Director of Economic Development and Promotion Center of Dalian High-tech Zone, and counselors of graduating class to the video meeting. The meeting was presided over by Li Renwei, Director of Recruitment and Employment Department.

Zhang Qijian conveyed the spirit of teleconference for Period 2022 college graduates’ employment of Liaoning Province first, summarized the achievements and work experience of the employment work of last year, and arranged the employment work of Period 2022 graduates. He required each college to improve the political position, strengthen responsibility, and do a good job in the employment work with a high sense of responsibility; focus on key points and difficulties, and take a variety of measures to promote employment with a high sense of mission; emphasize the primary responsibility in response to the complex situation, and deal with the employment work with a high sense of urgency.

Li Gang, Dean of School of Automobile and Traffic Engineering, introduced the experience summary of promoting employment of “featured classes”. Pan Lizhi, Ke Lili and Dong Li introduced this area, the basic situation of the region, the talent introduction policies and other content respectively. They hoped to continue to deepen the cooperation between the university and the local government and enterprises, promote the integration of production and education and joint cultivation of talents, and provide the opportunities of employment through visiting enterprises and expanding posts and other forms of activities, so as to provide a broader employment platform for the students of Liaoning University of Technology.

Wang Qi made the concluding speech. He put forward requirements for the employment work of our university from three aspects: employment situation, employment environment and employment system. He pointed out that employment was an important guiding link of the high-level talent training system of the university, and it was necessary to accurately grasp the characteristics and needs of the new stage of development, and speed up the improvement of the employment work system and talent training system that organically combine resources inside and outside the university. In the information age, faced with great changes unseen in a century, the employment positions had new characteristics of professionalism, composite, and cross-industry and internationalization. Each college should strengthen the synergy thinking, firm target confidence, deeply “visit enterprises”, toughly “expand posts”, combine the national strategy and regional economic and social development, go to the grassroots level, go to the enterprises, especially small and medium-sized innovative enterprises, and go to the rural area for the urgently needed posts in the rural revitalization. Each college should estimate the social demand, and constantly optimize major setting, curriculum system, course content, teaching organization mode, improve students’ project practice ability and innovation ability, at the same time, strengthen the ability of information technology application, and the ability of international communication and management, constantly improve the quality of talent training, achieve high quality employment of graduates, provide strong talent guarantee for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.


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