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Our university held the 2022 alumni enterprises video dual selection conference successfully

In order to comprehensively expand employment channels under the complex situation of epidemic prevention and control, give full play to the role of alumni enterprises in employment absorbing, and strengthen benign exchanges and cooperation between Liaoning University of Technology and alumni enterprises, Liaoning University of Technology held the “2022 Alumni Enterprises Video Dual Selection Conference” successfully on April 13.

In order to ensure the success of the dual selection conference, alumni associations around China responded positively and pushed precise invitation to alumni enterprises through various channels. Our university built online service rooms for alumni enterprises and opened a green channel for qualification examination through the “cloud employment” online recruitment platform. After screening, a total of 342 employers attended the conference, including 124 alumni enterprises. They covered manufacturing, construction, IT, financial and other fields and offered 21617 positions. 1134 graduates applied for jobs with 2025 resumes, and more than 300 people reached their initial employment intentions.

During the dual selection conference, “Liaoning University of Technology alumni enterprise exchange meeting” was held. Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Liaoning University of Technology Zhang Qijian and the heads of relevant departments participated in the online exchange. Zhang Qijian expressed his sincere gratitude to the alumni enterprises for their strong support to the employment work of the university. He said that alumni were the most valuable wealth of the university and a shining name card of the university serving the society. He looked forward to the in-depth and comprehensive cooperation of alumni in the reform of talent training mode and the exploration of enterprise cooperation classes and order classes, so as to jointly build a high-quality cooperation platform for the development of a strong university and strong enterprises. Su Jiamin, General Manager of Suzhou Aojie Automotive Technology Co., Ltd., Chen Mingyu, General Manager of Hainan Hengsheng Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd., Guo Hongjun, General Manager of Liaoning Shanshuiqing Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., Pi Xiaomiao, Deputy General Manager of Beijing Presys Instrument Co., Ltd., and other outstanding alumni and business leaders made exchange speeches. Some constructive suggestions were put forward on the employment of college students, talent training, university-enterprise cooperation and so on.


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