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Teachers and students go forward hand in hand and start a new semester of passionate struggle

Liaoning University of Technology set sail to a new stage. In the first week of the new semester, teachers and students of Liaoning University of Technology were full of spirit, high morale and full of vitality to start the new semester. Where did the leaders of the university go this week? They went deep into the classroom, concerned and guided the teachers, interacted with students, and went deep into the heart to heart class meeting in the new semester to discuss with teachers and students how to cherish their precious time, live up to their beautiful youth, plan new goals in the new semester and realize new ideals.

Taking teaching as the center and entering the undergraduate classroom

In the first week of the new semester, all the teaching activities were carried out in an orderly manner. Secretary of the Party Committee Qian Yingwei, President Wang Qi and other leaders of the university went deep into the front line of the classroom, talked with teachers and students, made a good start, and ensured the orderly progress of teaching in the new semester.

The leaders of the university understood the classroom teaching order, teachers’ teaching status and students' learning outlook and other aspects in the new semester through lectures, network monitoring, communication between teachers and students, and other ways. They encouraged teachers to explore actively in curriculum ideological and political construction, education and teaching research, teaching method reform and other aspects, so as to continuously improve the teaching level. In the process of teaching inspection, Wang Qi stressed that the teachers should ensure that there is no absence in class at the beginning of the new semester through live broadcasting or recording of classes.

Our university always put the teaching work in the central position and adhered to the system that the leaders of the university went deep into the front line of teaching. Each semester, they would enter the undergraduate classroom many times, directly observe the teaching process, understand the suggestions and needs of teachers and students, directly promote the efficient solution of problems in teaching, and constantly strengthen the process management of teaching quality. At the same time, the front-line teaching situation learned in the classroom was taken as an important basis for teacher assessment and department evaluation. Through in-depth inspection of various teaching work, relevant departments and secondary colleges effectively formed a good atmosphere in which the whole university attached importance to teaching, invested in teaching and supported teaching.

In the first week of the new semester, the classroom teaching of the whole university ran smoothly and orderly, and teachers and students took full mental state as the opening method of the new semester. The university hoped that all teachers and students of the university would go forward hand in hand and start a new semester of passionate struggle!



Interact with teachers and students and enter the class heart to heart meeting in the new semester

In order to strengthen the communication between students, enhance the feelings between teachers and students, and gather the strength to forge ahead, the university organized and carried out the heart to heart talk and exchange class meeting of “pursuing a new journey to the future together” in the new semester. The leaders of the university, college leaders, counselors, head teachers and professional teachers went deep into the classes to express their attention to the students returning to the university in the new semester and talk about the future with the students.

Qian Yingwei, Secretary of the Party Committee of Liaoning University of Technology, went to class 192 of the College of Cultural Media and Art Design to witness the growth and harvest of the students in the last semester and look forward to the new semester and chase a dream of the future. The heart to heart talk was held in the form of awards presentation. It systematically combed and summarized the growth and progress made by the class and each student in the last semester. The students delivered their acceptance speeches one by one, analyzed the deficiencies, found the gap, and summarized the experience for the next beginning. Combined with his own growth experience, Qian Yingwei talked with the students about his feelings, experience and future. He hoped that young students would keep in mind the "great person of the country", cultivate patriotism, increase their learning skills and sharpen their moral cultivation.

President Wang Qi went to class of transportation 201 of the College  of Automobile and Transportation Engineering to carry out heart to heart talk and exchange class activities. The students had in-depth exchanges on the spirit of the women’s football team and the tenacious fighting spirit of the Winter Olympic athletes on the field. In the link of “listening to the voice of the heart, answering questions”, Wang Qi conducted “zero distance” communication with the students in terms of the construction of campus information feedback platform and dormitory environment, and the atmosphere was harmonious. He hoped that the students would learn from the sports spirit of excellent athletes, strive to learn professional knowledge and be promising young people.

Zhang Qijian, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, went to class 212 of the College  of Chemistry and Environmental Engineering to have in-depth exchanges with the students. At the heart to heart talk, the students summarized the experience and shortcomings of last semester, shared what they saw and heard during the holiday, and put forward their own new semester plan at the same time. Zhang Qijian answered the questions raised by the students on study and life patiently. He told the students that in the popularization of higher education today, reading was to stand on a higher platform to better realize personal value. It was important to maintain curiosity about the unknown world, learn from the times, and constantly enhance their abilities.

Vice president Zhang Guang’an went to the heart to heart talk between teachers and students of the College of Mechanics in the new semester. At the meeting, the student representatives spoke freely, shared the gains and insights during the vacation and the period of university, and expressed their problems and puzzles. Zhang Guang’an elaborated his personal views on the current postgraduate entrance examination, employment situation and students’ growth expectations, and hoped that the students would formulate clear development goals, develop the good quality of diligence and self-discipline, study hard and achieve a more wonderful life.

Ge Hongyuan, Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, went to the theme class meeting of class 213 of the College of Materials. During the class meeting, the students exchanged their holiday practice experience, the story of the red revolution in their hometown, the spirit of the Winter Olympic Games, the objectives of the new semester and so on. Ge Hongyuan cordially talked with the students. He hoped that the students would pay attention to their majors, lay a solid foundation, learn life, shoulder responsibilities bravely, cherish time and experience life. He encouraged the students to strengthen their ideals and beliefs, be modest and studious, love reading, and strive to grow into an independent and thoughtful person.

Vice President Liu Yanjun went to the new semester class chat of automation class 213 of the College of Electrical Engineering. At the meeting, the students exchanged and shared their experiences and insights on their study and life during their personal holidays and their involvement in social practice activities. Liu Yanjun affirmed the students' practice, learning and growth during the holiday. At the same time, he encouraged everyone to make rational use of their time, read more, think hard, clarify their personal goals, self-discipline and self-improvement, closely combine their personal dreams with the Chinese dream, and create a wonderful life in studying hard and serving the motherland.


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