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School of International Education held a Lantern Festival celebration activity for international students

    On February 26, international students gathered together to learn about the history and characteristics of the Chinese Lantern Festival. The teacher taught them how to make and cook the sweet dumplings. International students tasted the sweet dumplings with the teachers of the School of International Education. The activity made the cultural distance closer. International student Agbator said that he liked sweet dumplings with chocolate filling best. Polished glutinous rice blended with chocolate perfectly and tasted very good. International students experienced Chinese Lantern Festival in Liaoning University of Technology. They said that Liaoning University of Technology was their home.

    In addition, in order to further enrich the holiday life of international students and stimulate their interests, the School of International Education carried out a series of Chinese traditional culture experience activities and related courses. Activities such as making dumplings, pasting Spring Festival couplets, pasting blessing characters, pasting window flowers and hanging lanterns provided an opportunity for the students to understand the cultural customs of the Chinese New Year. Billiards games enhanced the friendship between students. Courses such as advanced mathematics and Chinese were interesting and useful. International students benefited a lot from the courses. The students said that they spent a meaningful and interesting winter vacation in Liaoning University of Technology. 


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