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International students of LUT visited the cadre school of Zhangwu desertification control spirit of Fuxin City

On July 29, teachers and students from International Education School of Liaoning University of Technology, Jinzhou Medical University and Bohai University came to the cadre school of  Zhangwu desertification control spirit of Fuxin City to carry out summer social practical activities.

Teachers and students of International Education  School visited the "straw square" desertification control experimental site first under the guidance of the commentators. The commentator mentioned that several generations of Zhangwu desertification control people weaved squares with straw. The plants and trees planted in the middle part played a role in preventing wind and fixing sand. After the straw decays, it could become fertilizer to nourish the sand. Zhangwu was the first area in China to adopt this method to control desertification. This method extended to the whole country later. Subsequently, teachers and students visited party spirit education base of Dong Fucai's spirit and the border forest between Liaoning and Inner Mongolia. Dong Fucai, Secretary of Beidianzi Village Committee of Zhangwu, stood up at the critical moment of the survival of the home, resolutely led the cadres and people of the whole village to embark on the new road of fighting against desertification for decades, finally pushed the sand back 10 kilometers, and completely changed the ecological appearance of the hometown. Finally, teachers and students came to the cadre school  of Zhangwu desertification control spirit and watched the documentary “Zhangwu desertification control”. The documentary told that the people of Zhangwu planted green hope for Zhangwu after more than half a century, and achieved the dream of desertification control of generations under the leadership of generations of desertification control people such as Liu Bin and Dong Fucai. After the documentary ended, the international students spontaneously clapped warmly.

Through one day’s field visit and study, the students were infected and impressed by the spirit of Zhangwu desertification control people from generation to generation. This summer social practical activity not only enriched the holiday life of students, but also injected higher-level spiritual nutrients into international students in addition to professional knowledge. They could fully understand the hardship of sand resistance, sand control, sand use and sand industry development of the people of Zhangwu  County in more than 70 years. They could understand the Zhangwu desertification control spirit of “perseverance, never retreat, obscurity and dedication”. They deeply appreciated China ’s determination, perseverance and action to improve the ecological environment and eliminate poverty, and praised China ’s great achievements. Some international students from countries with serious desertification said that they benefited a lot from this activity; they would bring the spirit and experience of Zhangwu desertification control back to their countries after graduation.

This social practical activity was an important link to experience China practical activities. It was helpful to tell Chinese stories well, spread Chinese voices and promote the construction of international communication capacity.


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